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Life-changing and intentional communities in homes
Community 360

frequently asked questions

What is Community 360?

Community 360 are small intentional communities of parishioners (and their families) gathered under a particular appeal and united under a community covenant. Communities gather either weekly, bi-weekly or monthly in homes to eat, pray, and 'do life together'!   Gatherings are open to anyone: Catholics, non-Catholics, seekers, and those just curious about Jesus and their faith.

The general motto of each community 360 is:

       "Be loved and be fed."

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What is "community appeal?

A community appeal is a unique expression of the group love for Jesus and the Catholic Church.

A community appeal will be reflected in the name of each community.  For example: a community named "Ave Marie" would have a devotion to Our Lady, a community named "Young at Heart" would have a appeal to those who are in their senior years; a community named "Empty and Alone" would appeal to those who are Empty Nester and seek new relationships.


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What do members of Community 360 do?

Communities  eat, pray, serve, and love together! The primary purpose of each community is to help the members grow in their relationship with Jesus together - and community is the most effective way to do that!  After all, there are no "solo disciples". Discipleship cannot be lived (and definitely will not flourish) in isolation.  Community 360 provides real relationship: authenticity, accountability, and accompaniment.


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Do I have to have people over to my house in order to be a member of Community 360?

Nope! Communities are hosted in the homes of the leaders or in the homes of those who have expressed interest in hosting. There is no obligation to host people at your own home unless you want to! Your job is to come as you are. Bring a dish to share or some chips and gaucamole (or anything sharable!) and simply be with us, share and pray with us. 

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Who can join
Community 360?

There is something in Communities for everyone.

Anyone is welcome to attend any community, and we encourage it!  Communities are for everyone.  It doesn't matter where you are on your journey. Whether you're new to Christianity or coming back to faith or been Catholic your whole life, there's something here for you.

To join a community one must simply find out if they are accepting new members.  Then simply come as you are.

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Can my whole family become part of  Community 360?

Yes! We we have communities that encourage families to bring their whole family to their circles.  Look for a community based on your life situation.  When a person or a young couple with children commit to a coomunity, their whole family comes with them!

These communities are a way of serving the whole family, not just the parents. And bonus: children whose parents are part of a committed small group will 'learn the ropes' of discipleship from their parents and other members of their household family; and those children are much more likely to remain lifelong disciples. 

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