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A special welcome to those who are . . . .

Single, married, divorced, straight or gay, "It's complicated", filthy rich or dirt poor.  There is a place for you here.

There is a place for you here if you're over 60, but have not grown up yet, or a teenager growing up way to fast.  Babies in the womb, toddlers who are wiggly, and children full of wonder and exploration, you are welcome here.

We welcome soccer moms, NASCAR dads, Browns, Guardians and Cavs fans, starving artists, tree huggers, those in recovery and those who are still addicted.

We welcome you if you sing like Pavarotti or can't carry a tune in a bucket.

You are welcome here if you're just browsing, just woke up, just got bored at  your current church, or visiting family in Ohio, or just got out of jail.

We don't care if it's your first time to Mass or you've been to Church more times than the Pope.

We welcome you if you're having problems or feeling overwhelmed, or if you don't like organized religion.

If you are looking for a fresh start, a fresh cup of coffee and a donut, or a hug from a new friend, there is a place for you here.

We welcome those wearing their Sunday best and those wearing their only clothes.

We are so glad to see those who are inked, pierced or both, those who could use a prayer right now and those who haven't been to Church since their Great Aunt's funeral.

We welcome you if you're here because you made a navigation error and wound up here by mistake.

We welcome seekers, doubters, saints and sinners, bleeding hearts and jaded cynics, the lost and the found.

. . . . . And especially YOU!

Why?  Because we want you to experience the love of Christ!!

         It is transforming.

         It is forgiving.

         It is life-changing.

Perhaps this reason is the greatest reason we are glad you are here.  Nothing could be more important than experiencing the love of Christ.


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