FLT - Families Learning Together

Supported by the words of St. John Chrysostom, who recognized the value of developing Christian practices in the in the home with children; John preached “the household is a little church” (John Chrysostom, Homily on Ephesians). John’s perspectives on the household and parenting is reflected in the Second Vatican Council documents on the family and Christian Education. The Declaration of Christian Education states, “The task of education belongs primarily to the family, but it requires the help of society as a whole” (GE, 3). With this, our Generations of Faith program approaches faith formation through the utilization the family structure for proper catechesis. The formation of the Catholic faith does not focus exclusively on children, but strives to engage all age levels as a part of lifelong educational and spiritual development. Our program offers tools and opportunities to discuss and explore matters of faith as a family unit.


As a community we gather for a session every month that include the sharing of a meal, prayer, age appropriate breakout sessions, and time to discuss learnings and faith experiences as families. Further exploration and discussions between children and parents are a part of the monthly homework, which is grade specific. In addition to classroom and homework, families work on a yearlong family project that that encourages sharing, and brings the individual subject together.


It is through the sharing of faith within, and amongst families that the formation, and continued education takes place, and is most effective.

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