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St. Joan's
Nature Walkers
Exploring the Divine in Nature . . .

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Heeding technology's cry to get connected can result in overload circuits of the mind.  Frenetic connections cause frazzled lives. 

As we walk faithfully with God on various trails we will take the time to explore God's creation in new and different ways.  Our walks can be with fellow members of our group, alone, with family or invite a few friends for a walk.

Coupled with our walks we will listen to a short podcast that will be produced with prayers and stories to go along with each hike.

We will also be using a book called,
"Unwrapping Wonder: Finding Hope in the Gift of Nature",  The book can be purchased through Amazon either as a paper back for about $18., or in a kindle format for $8.  This book will be one you will cherish.  Below is an explanation of the book.

Unwrapping Wonder: Finding Hope in the Gift of Nature will restore the reader's soul as they step outside to cultivate a connection with creation and deepen their relationship with the Creator.

This delightful mix of natural history, human story, and divine awareness found in everyday nature is based on Job's words:  "But ask the animals and they will teach you, or the birds of the air, and they will tell you . . . or let the fish of the sea inform you."

Each chapter focuses on one natural object such as the bee, the barnacle, the tiny seed.  Peer within the ordinary, and learn to see details of extraordinary wonder.  Unwrap each gift and discover more of nature, God, and yourself.
April/May Hike - Blue Hen Falls - Cuyahoga National Park




Using our book Unwrapping Wonder go to chapter 3 on flower power.  And take the time to discover the wildflowers in the Cuyahoga National Park.  The pictures above are from this trail and below is information on this trail.  Take some pictures of your hike and share it with us.

The scenic overlook at Blue Hen Falls is a popular hiking destination in the Boston area. The 15-foot waterfall is lovely throughout the year. The hike is 3 miles round trip from the Boston Mill Visitor Center on the rugged Buckeye Trail. There is a 580-foot change in elevation. For most people, that's steep! We recommend wearing sturdy walking shoes. If the ground is wet or icy, save this hike for a drier day.

Park at Boston Mill Visitor Center or Boston Trailhead. Limited spaces are also available at the large vehicle lot, across from the main visitor center parking lot. Parking areas tend to fill up on weekends and days with warm weather. Consider doing this hike early or late in the day to avoid the midday crowds.

During operating hours, stop at the visitor center for maps and information. Public restrooms are in the gray building next to the visitor center. Fill up a water bottle here to bring on your hike. There is no drinking water at Blue Hen Falls.

A Hilly Hike

From the big park sign outside the visitor center, follow the curved path to the intersection of Riverview and Boston Mills roads. Carefully cross Riverview Road and find the stone staircase that marks the entrance to the Buckeye Trail. This statewide trail is marked by blue “blazes” painted on trees and posts. To protect the forest habitat, please follow these blazes and stay on the marked trail.

The trail climbs and descends two steep ridges along its route to the falls. The hike begins with an immediate 200-foot climb. This is followed by a 100-foot staircase down to the ravine floor to cross a footbridge. After crossing the creek, the trail climbs a second hill and skirts around a maintenance yard at the top. Carefully cross Boston Mills Road at the top of the hill and stay alert for oncoming traffic. Follow the trail as it zigzags through the forest and down to the waterfall. Return to Boston along the same route.

Questions to ponder:
1. What have you discovered by doing this hike?
2. Where have you seen God during this hike and in your life?
3. Your thoughts on the podcast?

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