“Even now, says the LORD, return to me

with your whole heart”    (Joel 2:12)

These are the very first words of scripture that the Church gives us for Ash Wednesday Mass, words that provide a powerful foundation and purpose for our Lenten journey. During this Lenten season here at St. Joan of Arc ~ Streetsboro, our parish will reflect upon and focus on these words as we seek to grow closer to God in our daily lives.

Across the world, Christians journey individually and as communities, following the pattern of Jesus’ sojourn in the wilderness, through practices of prayer, fasting, and almsgiving. The purpose of the practices of Lent include spiritual growth and conversion of heart. In these holy days, accept the invitation to listen to Jesus and deepen your response to his offer of love. With confidence and trust, we embrace our role as witness and follower once again in the journey to Calvary. Let us return to the Lord!

Stations of the Cross

Fridays of Lent

7:00 PM

Use this link to get some awesome printable Stations of the Cross you can use at home.


1st Thursday of the Month

2:00 PM - 8:00 PM


By appointment only

Worship & Pray As a Family!

Fasting: Focus on God!

  • Lent is a special time to remember God’s love for us, and the ultimate sacrifice of His Son.

  • Talk about the purpose of fasting (sacrifice) and what family members might choose, remembering that its purpose is to bring you closer to Jesus.

  • Fast from screens and social media for a day or week, and spend family time together – praying, talking, learning, playing, strengthening your relationships.

  • Talk about why Catholics fast on Ash Wednesday/Good Friday and abstain from meat on Fridays.


Almsgiving & Service

  • Children contribute to our “Rice Bowlsl” to be given to the poor.

  • Search out and donate old toys, clothes, and furniture.

  • Watch the bulletin for other giving and service opportunities!

Pray Together

  • Pray together as a family each day. Read a story from Sacred Scripture.

  • Have children read from their purple Lenten books while the parents read from the black Lenten books sharing their ideas as a family.

  • Take turns choosing/leading prayers or write a family prayer together.

  • Ask everyone what their special prayer intention might be or have everyone choose a person they came across that day who needs extra prayer.

  • Say a nighttime prayer before going to bed, reflecting on your day.

  • Teach your children about the Rosary and how Mary is a role model for us.

  • Pray the Rosary together, with a different family member leading each decade.

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