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Liturgy and Music


Liturgical Ministries

Pope John Paul II wrote that the Eucharist must be well celebrated… “the Mass needs to be set at the center of the Christian life and celebrated in a dignified manner by every community…” Lay liturgical ministers have an important role in assisting the presider and the assembly at Mass. The Church teaches that liturgical ministers “ought to discharge their office, therefore, with the sincere devotion and decorum demanded by so exalted a ministry and rightly expected of them by God’s people”.  St. Joan of Arc, provides ongoing training, formation, and spiritual support to help our liturgical ministers be competent, pastoral and prayerful ministers. There are a variety of ministries for a person to consider in order to serve at our parish liturgies.

Click on the following labels to go to lay liturgical ministry of interest:

Altar Servers

Greeters / Ushers


Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist


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