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Living the Liturgical Year

Between Sundays is a video reflection on the Sunday readings. There is also the ability to embed the video on a church website and to use it with small faith sharing groups. The Five Loaves is a ministry that provides methods, online resources and event opportunities for spiritual growth and renewal, enabling people of faith to open themselves to the gift of grace and to make meaning of their experience of God in everyday life.

Celebrating those special moments

Milestones are significant moments in our lives, moments we want to mark with celebration, moments we want to identify as meaningful.  

Identifying and celebrating milestones honors our life journeys.  

​Milestones might include baptism, birthdays, first tooth, first words, first day of school, First Communion, Confirmation, getting a driver's license, getting a new job, graduation, getting married, buying a new home, parenthood, retirement and more.   ​

What milestones fo you and your family celebrate?

5 Tips for Graduating Seniors (focus)

Order for the Blessing of Parents Before Childbirth (USCCB)

Passing on the Faith (Milestone to Milestone)

What is milestone ministry and how would it look in a parish and in a family setting?  This article from Lifelong Faith Journal is an excellent introduction to the many ways parishes and families can use the often overlooked events in family life as markers for faith growth.   The article is helpful for both parish leaders and parents. it contains a number of very helpful ideas and resources.

Blessing of Young Drivers (Discipleship Ministries)
Getting a driver’s license is a marker event in the lives of young people and may be celebrated by the community as an acknowledgment of the teens’ growth and increased responsibility. This blessing may be offered annually for all young people receiving their driver's license in the past year, preferably on or near a time that has special significance for the young people. Possible dates might include just prior to a spring prom, near school graduations, on World Youth Day in October, or during a back to school or fall homecoming event.

Teens Learning How to Drive (Vibrant Faith at Home)  Family activity plan to develop a deeper relationship while keeping teens safe.

Prayer for the First Day of Kindergarten (Forever Mom)
What can be more emotional than your child's first day of kindergarten?   Is there a better time for prayer and blessing than this?   Here is a good way to help the child begin with prayer.  

Back to School Tips for Parents (Scholastic)
Scholastic and Parent's Magazine offer a wide range of helpful tips for families preparing for a new school year including dealing with the first day jitters, what to do about lunch, creating a homework space at home and what kinds of questions to ask children in order to discuss the events of the school day.

10 Bits of Wisdom I Wish I Knew When I Began My Freshman Year of College (George Gano) 
The title says it all...

Help for Empty Nesters (Claudia and David Arp, founders of Marriage Alive and creators of the "10 Great Dates Program" via For Your Marriage, USCCB)
What are the special moments we celebrate once the kids are grown, off to college, living on their own, or married, and creating their own families? Great dates? Anniversaries? Get-aways? There are number of ways you can focus on celebrating the "second half of marriage". This resource gives readers just a few ideas. Get creative.

For Your Marriage  (USCCB National Pastoral Initiative for Marriage) 
Resources for your marriage:

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