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Family Blessings and Prayers

What a blessing is and what it is not? I think many of us have a mechanical and perhaps a magical notion of a blessing.  When we bless a person, a house, an automobile, a religious medal, we do not believe we are changing that person, place or thing—as if before the words were spoken that thing was unblessed. Nor do we believe that a blessing prayer changes God—as if before the words were spoken God was unwilling to be gracious or give us peace.  We do not believe that our blessing prayers change God or the person, places or things we bless.  What we believe blessings do is give thanks to God for the goodness that is already present in the person, place or thing. Blessings celebrate what our world is and who we are.

Milestone Blessings and Prayers

Blessing for Pregnancy

Blessing for Anniversary

Blessing New Driver

Blessing for naming a child

Blessing of Parents

and Children

Blessing when Child Leaves Home

Blessing for Birthdays

Blessing New Car

Prayer for Hard Times

Prayer for Stillborn

or Miscariage

Prayer for Reconciling Families

Prayer after a Death

Prayer When Leaving Old Home

Prayer on the Death of a Pet



Manger Blessing

Blessing of Christmas Tree

Epiphany House Blessing


New Year Blessing


Blessing for new life

Blessing of Engaged Couple

Prayer to St. Blaise

Prayer for Loving Others


Easter basket blessing

Easter Dinner Prayer


Confirmation Prayer


First Communion Prayer

Graduation Prayer

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