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The Eucharist


“From this moment on, live the Eucharist fully;
be persons for whom the Holy Mass, Communion, and Eucharistic adoration are the center and summit of their whole life.”


                                                                                            — Pope John Paul II




The mode of Christ's presence under the Eucharistic species is unique. It raises the Eucharist above all the sacraments as "the perfection of the spiritual life and the end to which all the sacraments tend."201 In the most blessed sacrament of the Eucharist "the body and blood, together with the soul and divinity, of our Lord Jesus Christ and, therefore, the whole Christ is truly, really, and substantially contained."202 "This presence is called 'real' - by which is not intended to exclude the other types of presence as if they could not be 'real' too, but because it is presence in the fullest sense: that is to say, it is a substantial presence by which Christ, God and man, makes himself wholly and entirely present."203

                                                                 The Catechism of the Catholic Church, 1374


First Communion requierments for Children: Registered parishioners, and active participation in the Genearations of Faith program (or equivilent) for two years prior to reception of the sacrament.

First Communion requirements for Adults: Adults that are baptized in other faith traditions, but desire becoming Catholic, and receive Holy Communion are welcome to join our Christian Initiation of Adults program. This program is a journey that starts in the fall and moves toward the sacraments celebrated at the Easter Vigil. 


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